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Dunlop Church of Scotland is the Parish church for the communities of Dunlop, Lugton, Burnhouse, Aiket, Halket and the surrounding areas.

We offer pastoral services, support and advice to all our communities, members of the church or not.

Our  Minister and Session Clerk would always be pleased to hear from you by phone or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Pastoral care during this week: If you have a pastoral concern or if someone you know has been taken into hospital, please contact:
Rev. Alison McBrier, 01560 673686




Rev Alison McBrier

01560 673686

Dunlop Kirk

Dunlop Church of Scotland
Main Street

Map of Dunlop Kirk

Session Clerk

Mrs Margo McMurdo
Brockwellmuir Cottage
01560 484824

Depute Session Clerk

Mrs Lesley Beaton

01560 484989

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